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The Tustin Area Historical Society

The Tustin Area Historical Society (TAHS) was founded in 1976
for the purpose of preserving the rich and colorful history
of our local area. To accomplish this, we rely on
membership dues, events proceeds, advertising fees,
and museum sales: books, clothing (t-shirts), stickers etc.

Since there is no admission charge to visit the Museum,
these funds allow us to maintain and enhance our
Museum, provide programs to stimulate historical
interest in the area, protect historical papers and
photographs for future research.

The Tustin Area Museum is located at 395 El Camino Real in
historic downtown Tustin.Map Visitors are always welcome
and admission is free. We are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays
of each week from 9 am to 2 pm,and the first and third Saturdays
of the month from noon until 3 pm.
Call us at (714) 731-5701 or e-mail tustinmuseum@att.net

President's Message

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Tustin History (HOME)
Tustin Museum (General information)
Tustin Artifacts (Accessions, new items and showcase)
Museum Display (Window and Featured Area)
Museum Basement (Hidden treasures - Photos and articles)
Tustin Tours (Take Main Street To Tustin History)
Tustin Heritage (TAHS news - For members)
Tustin Events (TAHS & partners)
Tustin Fundraiser (TAHS & partners)
Tustin Antique Appraisal (General Information)
Opportunity Prizes (Museum drawings, all events and meetings)
Used History Books (For sale at the museum)

Educational Programs:
History in A Box (Information and photos)
JoAnn Bollesen Art Contest (Information and photos)
Adopt A Street - (Remembering its past and protecting its future)
Tustin Tree Huggers (Adopt-A-Tree Program)
Tustin Building Huggers (Adopt-A-Building Program)
Museum Field Trip (Comment on your visit to our museum)
Old Town Tours (Guided & Self Guided - Tustin & Other Towns)

Tustin Promenade - (TAHS event)
Upstairs Promenade - (Held in the Knights of Pythias Hall)
Architecture Walk - (Event information)
The Garden Tour - (Even information)
Tustin Trees - (Listing and links to information)
Tustin Quilt Show (Event information)

Chili Cook-off
Tustin Chili Cook-Off - (Event and booth information)

Tiller Days
Tustin Tiller Days - (Event information)

Rustin In Tustin
Rustin in Tustin (Old Town Tustin sales event)

Old Town Art Walk
Old Town Art Walk (Tustin, Ca)

Historical Cemetery Tour (Local Areas)

A to Z Listings - For all TAHS events by catagory
Event Underwriters (All Events)
Event Sponsors (All Events)
Event Donations (All Events)
Event Vendors (All Events)
Event Committee (All Events)

The Tustin Area Historical Society (TAHS)
TAHS Organization (Present and former board & staff members)
TAHS History (History by Carol H. Jordan)
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TAHS Bulletin (The latest news and information)
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TAHS Membership (A to Z Listings)
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TAHS Showcase (Outstanding people and groups)
TAHS Store (Books, maps, clothing etc.)
TAHS Volunteers (Museum, events, programs.)
TAHS Round Table (Comments and ideas from our members)

TAHS VIP Page (Link to full list - For outstanding service to the TAHS)
JoAnn Bollesen / Jeanne Brown / David W. Bryant / Tony Coco /
Carol H. Jordan / Juanita Lovret / Doug Manning /
Vivien Owen /
Margaret Pottenger /

Historical Information:
Historic Highlights (By dates)
Tustin Pioneers (Early settlers)
Gabrielino Indians (Indigenous)
Tustin Artists
Tustin Businesses
Tustin Churches
Tustin Farms
Tustin Fire Department
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Tustin Newspaper
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Tustin Schools
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The Orange Groves (Tustin Citrus Ranches)
The Tustin Hangars (Video, photos, links)
Utt Juice Company (Information, photo and links)

Tustin Preservation Group:
Tustin Preservation (Website and Blog)
Tustin Historic Properties (Business and Residential)
Registry Plaque Program (Recognizing Tustin’s historic properties)
The Mills Act (For vintage home owners)
Save The Hangar (Hangar No. 2 - Building 29)
Preservation Resources (Local Information & National and Int'l)
Tustin Preservation Awards (Protecting and saving our history)

General Information:
Tustin Remembered (20s - 80s)
Tustin Tribute (The Pride of Tustin)
Men and Women of the year (Tustin's Finest)
Community and History Links
Old Town Tustin (Business Listings)

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For information visit our website at
http://www.tustinhistory.com/ or call 714 731-5701